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Not for racing but a helluva lot of fun to ride! The SuperDuke has a strong twin motor that handles very well on tight, technical tracks such as Infineon Raceway. Running in Open Twins with the AFM and WERA, this bike has bested quite a few Ducatis and Aprilias. Racing with the KTM SuperDuke requires a "Run what you brung" kind of attitude. Sounds killer too!

Racer Transcript


Auto Club Speedway 1/9

B Superbike Expert KTM 990 14 16 
Heavyweight Twins Superbike Ex KTM 990 
Heavyweight Twins Superstock Ex KTM 990 DNS  - 
Senior Superbike HW Expert KTM 990 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway 1/30

Heavyweight Twins Superbike Ex KTM 990 
Heavyweight Twins Superstock Ex KTM 990 
Mediumweight Solo Expert KTM 990 11 17 
Senior Superbike MW Expert KTM 990 11 

Points standings for 2011

RegionClassTotal PointsPPIC
WERA West Heavyweight Twins Superbike Ex 32 
WERA West Heavyweight Twins Superstock Ex 11 11 
WERA West Senior Superbike HW Expert 10 17 
WERA West Senior Superbike MW Expert 14 


2010 Season

Auto Club Speedway 9/5

B Superbike Novice KTM 999 12 10 
Heavyweight Twins Superbike Nv KTM 999 
Senior SB HW Novice KTM 999 

Las Vegas Motor Speedway 11/7

B Superbike Novice KTM 990 
Heavyweight Twins Superbike Nv KTM 990 
Senior SB HW Novice KTM 990 

Points standings for 2010 Season

RegionClassTotal PointsPPIC
WERA West B Superbike Novice 16 14 
WERA West Heavyweight Twins Superbike Nv 37 
WERA West Senior SB HW Novice 32 

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